Thursday, March 30, 2006

Harper defends right to secret cabinet meetings

Harper defends right to secret cabinet meetings
In Canada it seems we no longer have openness in government. For a man who only recently campaigned on openness and reforming the ethical structure of government, it seems Harper is off to a VERY bad start.

It wasn't bad enough that he appointed an unelected Senator to cabinet, or welcomed a former Liberal who'd been actively insulting the Conservative platforms hours before. With this barring of the press core from the 3rd floor hallways, Harper has definately shown the true colours of Conservative openness anyway. I'd like to remind Mr. Harper that despite all protestations of ending "12 years of Liberal one party democracy in Ottawa" he comes from a province in its 3rd decade of one party conservative rule.

After the previous Liberal scandals, Canada expected a government that would operate ethically, in the open, with nothing to hide. From unelected decision makers, through aisle hopping turncoats, all the way to secret cabinet meetings and barring the press from a time honoured tradition. Mr. Harper, you are NOT off to a good start ...


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