Saturday, May 27, 2006

GenX - another old poem

This will probably be my last 'old' poem, at least for now. I think this is the last one I wrote in my poetry period in the late 90's, and I believe I've already posted all the others. So any of you here for the poetry will just have to wait for new inspiration after this one, lol. Though, I suspect if you're here for the poetry, you're not here anyway ;-) . Regardless, enjoy …

by Lyle Bateman

Worker bees, filing into the metal hive
necks tied with tinted silken experience
colours melding with fractal swirls
knowledge knotted against seepage.

Dung beetles, scurrying about for daily bread
the remains of the day clinging to legs that
carry mindlessly on through the concrete garden
to dinner at the next carcass.

Drone ants, plodding in glittering hills
providing supplies for unseen queens
in return for sustenance barely deficient
to flame to the light within.

Book worms, burrowing through libraries
for knowledge to grease future wheels
digesting books through the practical funnel
in search of a final design.

Lone spider, watching from above
in high-strung slumber for the silk shivers
that say tonight's dinner is ensnared
in the social safety web.

Copyright 1998


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