Friday, March 31, 2006

The 'Liberal' press ...

"Saddam chose to deny inspectors"

Bush repeated this bald-faced lie recently. The cowering press still lets him get away with it, but the public is no longer fooled.

By Joe Conason

Its a wonderful article that points out once again perhaps the biggest lie the Bush admin tells, and its also the easiest one to prove, and the hardest one for supporters of Bush to wiggle out of.

As Conason points out, he's catagorically stated on at least 3 occasions that Saddam refused to allow inspectors into Iraq before the war, and that he ignored 1441 by failing to disclose the weapons programs he had. This is a bald-faced lie that is easy to prove.

The documents that Iraq submitted to the UN in response to 1441 detailed exactly what the US forces later found on the ground in Iraq. The calims Iraq made in the run-up to the war about destroying certain weapons programs were accurately reported in the documents submitted for 1441, and the US forces have since found those claims match what was found on the ground. In the months leading up to the war, Hans Blix and others were in Iraq with free and unfettered access to any sites they chose to look into (including several Presidential palaces and secure military facilities).

So the fact is, when the President said in his press conference that "he chose to deny inspectors, when he chose not to disclose" he was uttering a bald-faced lie. The facts indicate that Saddam complied with 1441 completely ... he allowed inspectors in, and he disclosed the true state of his weapons programs, as demanded by 1441. My question is, why does the press keep letting Bush lie about those facts?


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