Friday, April 21, 2006

Attacking Iran: Are they Nuts?????

Attacking Iran: Are they nuts? If the U.S. attacked Iran, the consequences would be catastrophic -- including a possible American retreat under fire in Iraq
By Joe Conason

This is from today's Salon. Joe Conason is a solid writer, and while anyone with partisan issues will likely dismiss his work as that of a 'Liberal' the fact is, like Republicans such as William Buckley, Conason thinks deeply about the issues he writes about. He does extensive research, and has a solid grasp of history. He does tend to write from a liberal perspective, just as Buckley does from a Conservative perspective, but like Buckley, he gets to that perspective through fact, logic, and solid reasoning.

This piece on Iran is an excellent example. He does a very good job of explaining the issues involved with an attack on Iran, and as many people did before the attack on Iraq, he details several of the specific problems to be faced by US troops given an attack at this time.

Opinion like this NEEDS to be listened to now. If the Bush administration had listened to people in the know in advance of Iraq, they would have gone in with more troops (as initially recommended by Generals on the ground and vetoed by the admin), they would have expected a period of resistance after the initial "shock and awe" campaign was over, and they would have had more of a plan to deal with the reconstruction efforts and the predictable (and predicted) insurgency that developed. In short, Iraq today would look VERY different if Bush had paid attention to people like Conason in planning for Iraq.

And so, I hope they listen now, in planning for Iran. Its clear that people who predicted it wasn't going to be a cakewalk were right. In Iran, people who are predicting that a few bunker busters would 'nuke' Iran into compliance are simply ignorant of the reality of Iran, the reality of Iranian national pride, the reality of religious fervour. The truth is, Iran will be a longer, harder job than Iraq is ... given how much worse Iraq turned out than the initial predictions (remember, Rumsfeld said in 2003 that the war would be measured in days, weeks, or possibly months ... certainly not years), I hope the administration actually pays attention to its planners in this case.


At 7:39 a.m., Anonymous Anonymous said...

Uh. You're missing the point. Actually, there are several points available to help understand America today.

Above all the rest, is this notion that we can do anything we desire. We are on top. We are the strongest.

You can see such mentality anywhere you go, at least in my remote community in the US. For example, last weekend, I went to a favorite part of town with four of my children. No, we are not preps. We went to several businesses, cashing payroll checks, eating breakfast, shopping for gifts, those common weekend activities. We use hard currency in our family not debit cards, credit cards, etc. My older children and I became increasingly dipleased by the treatment we received, while going out on a Saturday spree. It was hard to cash my check. Also, preps were everywhere, staring and locking car doors as if we really wanted anything inside their luxury vehicles, like all common folk are thiefs.

Move this mentality onto the public and diplomatic scene. You will find that exact mindset. It's hard to get earned revenue. There's always a catch somewhere, usually consisting of needed alignment with America's mass ideology.

Being able to sell away customs, traditions and such, the fortunate diplomats will try to spend this new and wonderful earned revenue. However, in doing so, they will be met with those who don't actually want them around messin' up the place, and doing business will be difficult.

The support my country's chief of staff has is enormous. Do not say nay a negative comment as a teacher in the public or private classroom. You will be separated off like bad wheat, may be even be charged with a crime of something near treason. It's happening all over my country.

Attcking Iran? Phish. How about we attack Jordon, Saudi Arabia? Hmm. Can we all say, "money talks?"

Like I said earlier, America thinks it is the strongest. Therefore America will push onto everyone its ideology. We have become a nation of zealots out to rise up every pagan group we can afford to entreat. Yeah. That's exactly what I mean - afford to entreat.

I don't generally respond to blogs. But, what the heck! It's Saturday. My daughter is still asleep. I'm cleaning the bathroom in increments. So, there you are - an opinion about why America will no doubt begin yet another war.

My suggestion? Go out today. Go out without your vehicle. Tool around in a cab or bus - or just walk. If someone comes up to you, ( and someone will certainly come up to you if you are in my hometown) and give that guy or woman a few bucks for some booze. That's right, some booze. Do you know that alcohol helps a person keep warm? Did you know that beer is full of carbs? If you don't have much money and if shelters are closing as they are here, alcohol is a very good thing to intake. Give the guy money for some of it.



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