Saturday, April 15, 2006

Portrait in Gambrinus - Prague 2005

Wherever I go, I take pictures. When I am on vacation, those pictures are usually pretty standard vacation pics, like everyone else. But I do like to get creative sometimes, when the urge strikes me, and occasionally it works out.

I called this one Portrait in Gambrinus, and I thank my traveling companion and colleague Susan for being a great model here. The beer is a nice dark Pilsner in Prague called Gambrinus ... very tasty and smooth, and this picture was taken at a cafe in the shadow of St. Nicholas Church, about a mile from Prague Castle. We stopped for lunch after touring the church, and when the beers arrived, I lined them up to snap this shot. I think Susan was a bit amused by my weird photography during the trip, but she liked the result of this one.


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