Thursday, April 13, 2006

Christian or Muslim theocracy?

Subject: [new-continuum] Which theocracy would you prefer? Should Christian dogma be written into law?

There are some in the US who would like to write their religious dogma
into law, such as a constitutional amendment to discriminate against the
10% or so of the population which is gay.

Would you want to live in a Christian or a Muslim theocracy? The USA
was founded and has always been a secular government, but the pressures
in recent years have cause the line between government and religion to
become blurred.


From another group:

Theocracy was the topic of my minister's last message.
Thought it might be of interest to political UUs.

Jim Maas

On 4/12/06, myxtplkn <myxtplkn@XXXXX> wrote
I for one want nothing in Government that would tint the Laws and rules and regulations to be of a theocracy. The church and religions have with their zealot followers consistently made a mess of the World. I don't mind "In God We Trust or 10 Commandments sprinkled around everywhere but I don't want to let sayings interfere with making decisions in law. Logic and humane thinking should prevail. We should exclude all religions and belief in the supernatural from our Governmental decisions as best we can. People and judges are still fallible and make mistakes.EdB

On 4/13/06, Elron Steele wrote:
I tend to agree here. One of the bizarre things I see in today's world is that while we rail against the theocracies of the Muslim world, we ignore our own creep towards theocracy. Can I ask again why Lt Gen William Boykin still apparently has a job, while still apparently believing the war against terror is a religious war where our God is bigger than their God? Can I ask why George Bush is happy to call people like Cindy Sheehan a danger to our country and our way of life, but he has never publicly criticized Boykin for his comments, or someone like Pat Robertson for calling for the assassination of foreign politicians? If anyone is a 'danger to our way of life' its Gen Boykin with his painting of the other side as literally Satan ... not a mother who is trying to bring meaning to the death of a son.



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