Tuesday, May 30, 2006

chomsky.info : The Noam Chomsky Website

chomsky.info : The Noam Chomsky Website

There are few living people I admire more, intellectually, than Noam Chomsky. If you are looking for a pair of eyes to cut through all the crap, all the window dressing, all the trappings of power and intrigue, Chomsky’s vision is about as sharp as they come. I was first exposed to Chomsky years ago through his documentary “Manufacturing Consent.” Its a fairly brutal look at the use of media by democratic governments to not only control their people, but to do so through a ‘manufactured’ reality.

Even if you aren’t a fan of political documentaries, Manufacturing Consent is one I recommend. Its fast paced and interesting, and Chomsky is the kind of guy that can hold our attention with his logic. That documentary is where his famous quote about sounding like you are from Neptune comes from … he makes the point that the structure of new media today, and the way ‘news information’ is imparted to us, is structured in such a way as to not give time to the person who has to spend time setting up their argument. Unless what you are saying ALREADY falls into the existing reality, you will need time to explain the context of your ideas to people … when modern sound-bite news refuses to allow that, people saying truly revolutionary things come off sounding as if the come “from Neptune.”

In short, I don’t know anyone today who sees the political world with clearer eyes than Chomsky. I love the look of his new website, and it looks to be FULL of info. To me, the simplicity of the home page is wonderful, and an excellent analog to Chomsky himself … he provides an excellent and intuitive ‘user interface’ that allows others to see the world through his eyes. If you want to get some fun mental exercise, learn some new things, and challenge your preconceptions, spend an afternoon with Chomsky.


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