Thursday, June 08, 2006

The Fiki Bar …


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This is a shot of the original Fiki Bar … this version was demolished in 96 or 97 and rebuilt, and while I always had structural questions about Fiki's, I must admit to a certain nostalgia for the original straw and wood shack on stilts.

On the left corner, you can see a darker section … its seperate rooms off the edge of the bar that were used as washrooms. Not a true 'mens' and 'womens' it was more a case of 'hole' and 'seat' … regardless, the end result of either room, as those inclined to engineering might have already noted, was the creek, without any sort of filtration. It was a bit sobering when I saw this picture again to recall that there have, in FACT, been times when i have 'shit in my own backyard' … LMAO, every time I went to Fiki's.

Still, the beer was good, and oddly, it was refreshing to sit on the creek and feel the breeze blow by.


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