Monday, May 01, 2006

The Cyclotron ... another old poem ...

This is another poem I pulled out of my files.  As always, I am interested in comments ... hope you enjoy :)

The Cyclotron
by Lyle Bateman

When the light fades from the day,
I wander through the gothic arches
and steel-glass hallways of my mind
to find whatever is there.

A butterfly flutters on cellophane wings
through a joust of opposing ideas
on a white horse, Death comes riding
to meet Pan's pointed challenge.

A silicon flower blooms atop the adobe cliff
struggling against itself for the light
only to be trampled under the thunder
of a herd of buffalo hooves taking the plunge.

The Cheshire cat smiles and bows
as he takes his leave of his senses,
waving as they walked away,
his smile growing wider with each step.

Electron flashes colliding at random
in my cyclotronic brain
but the crystal clarity is lost forever
when darkness finally comes.

Copyright 1996 Lyle W. Bateman - All Rights Reserved


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