Friday, April 28, 2006

The Other Day

I dug this poem out of my files from the past. I'm pretty sure I haven't posted it before, but if I have, well, I was thinking about it again, so its worth reposting, LOL. Its a bit surreal ... I know that Samual Beckett was in my mind a bit when I wrote it. I also know the Joan Osborne song "One of Us" was an inspiration ... I remember the line "just a stranger on the bus, trying to make his way home" really sticking in my mind, and I remember wondering where else we might see God. Its also structured something like a song, though I'm not sure I have a tune in mind for it. I think that's where this scene really came from ... but don't ask me what it means. Your guess is as good as mine ... feel free to guess in the Comments, if you like *G*

The Other Day
by Lyle Bateman

the other day I saw god
sitting in the cafe
sunlight glinted through rain-speckled glass
as I listened to my brain hum (chorus)

he stared at me
over the wall street journal
his stale half donut
and coffee mist

a black suit
billowed off his shoulders
flowing down his arms
pooling at his feet


rat's-nest brown hair
over scored-leather forehead
his bloodshot eyes
gorged into a smile

he folded the paper
crisp corners under his arm
one last donut nibble
and two swigs of coffee


with a $2.00 tip
a smile and a nod
long strides crossed the checker-squares
out the swinging doors

all he said was
the coffee's good
but i wish they'd bake the donuts
fresh every day


Copyright 1996 Lyle W. Bateman - All Rights Reserved


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