Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Stonehenge at Sunset

Stonehenge at Sunset 01
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One of the unexpected side benefits of the job I currently have is the location of our 'branch offices.' Suffice to say, the UK branch of what I do is situated about 10 miles north of Stonehenge on Salisbury Plain. When I traveled to that site in 2003, I stayed in the village of Amesbury, about 5 miles south of Stonehenge. As a result, my daily commute from my hotel to the office involved driving within 100 meters of Stonehenge every morning.

I must admit, the 'coolness' of this was totally lost on the locals, lol. I think the guys I worked with thought I was a bit odd being so excited about my commute, but I suppose that's true no matter where you go ... what is a remarkable vacation photo to a stranger, is just some rocks in a field for people who drive past it every day of their lives.

Regardless, I made a point of getting off a bit early one day. It wasn't an equinox, or a solstice, so the placement of the setting sun isn't quite inline with the stones it should be, but I wanted to get a shot of Stonehenge in 'action' so to speak, doing that which it was designed to do, tell the time. I took a few different shots from roughly this angle as the sun set (and even one taken after the sun was down completely on my Flickr page too) and I think this ended up being the best one.

Hope everyone enjoys it ... for the record, its Nov 26th, 2003.


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