Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Subjective Reality

Subjective Reality

Just wanted to give a "shout-out" to a friend's blog. She's on my blogroll, and has been since I started this thing, but I just wanted to write a little about why I like her blog so much.

Start with the Anais Nin quote in her sub-heading, and you'll have a good idea of the vision I find compelling in this blog. I love the writing she does, but mostly, I find her choice of imagery beyond evocative. She seems to have the ability (IMO anyway) to hone in on the most interesting and provocative image or picture in a group, or to find artists and themes that off the beaten track.

Currently, she's featuring the "Sporting Jesus" sculptures and pictures on her site (I think the ironies behind Surfer Jesus make him my fave by far). Last week, she found a fascinating image that shows successive size differences between various bodies in our solar system. No matter what the subject, she manages to find an image that discusses it in a compelling and provocative way.

Check her out … there's plenty more of interest there. The Lego religious scriptures certainly deserve an honorable mention (and specifically, the image of a Lego Virgin Mary protesting to a Lego Angel Gabriel "But I have never had sex with a man" only to be told "The Holy Ghost will come upon you" is wonderfully expressive). Go, have a look around … I think you'll enjoy it :)


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